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Your trusted resource for the personal, professional and community
expression of wellbeing through Reiki

Our Programs

Reiki Australia warmly welcomes Reiki folk, professional treatment practitioners, masters, individuals and organisations who have an interest in Reiki as a spiritual practice and healing art. We offer a community for all people who wish to make a Reiki connection with others whose lives have been touched by the legacy of Mikao Usui, the acknowledged founder of the practice of Reiki.

Reiki Australia offers all members personal development and community enrichment activities through our programs.  We welcome new Members and volunteers to join to continue to achieve the Organisation's Mission.

To be a trusted resource for the personal, professional and community expression of wellbeing through Reiki:
embracing students, masters, teachers and treatment practitioners

Advertise with Reiki Australia

At Reiki Australia we love the opportunity to work with other businesses and organisations that share the same values.  Whether you wish to hold a workshop, conference, event, expo, competition or some other uplifting project that will serve and inspire our Reiki community, we would love to talk to you about it.  Member discount rates apply.  Check out our packages or  Email Advertising

Reiki Australia Classified Ads

Spread your Reiki passion!  We're working on new ways to promote those who shine for well-being!  Check out the Reiki Australia Classified Ads to find those who are offering Reiki and other ways to improve health and well-being in our communities.  If you'd like to advertise see the details above and email the advertising team and remember, Member discount rates apply.   Check Classified Ads

Distant Reiki Treatment in the comfort of your own home!

Thanks to our volunteer Members, we have a Distant Reiki program that provides treatments to yourself, your loved ones or friends no matter where they are.  Members can purchase at a special price when they log into the Member Portal and the wider community can purchase a treatment from the Reiki Australia website store.    

Reiki Australia Living Fundraiser Web Store

As we begin to grow and offer more benefits to our Members, and there are lots of exciting projects in the works, we are running fundraising activities and we need YOUR help!

These annual fundraising activities will help raise the money needed to pay for essential resources for Reiki Australia.  Right now, there are opportunities for Reiki Australia Members to 'make a difference' in the lives of many in the future.

So this year we are working with Living Fundraisers because they are an Australian company and offer healthy, fun & educational products. You can help simply by buying a Mother's Day gift or start stocking up on Birthday treats for those you love, directly from the Reiki Australia Living Fundraisers web store. We hope you're excited with us and to order, simply CLICK HERE TO SHOP on the Living Fundraisers photo or logo to the LEFT to place your order.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Rae who is also one of our Reiki family. Rae McCracken, Fun!raiser | Living Fundraisers, Phone: 1300 848 993

Thank you for your involvement in this fundraiser. Every little bit makes a big difference and strengthens our Reiki community.

Professional Development for Reiki Treatment

Reiki Australia has announced the introduction of a non-accredited certificate course in professional development for Reiki treatment practitioners. The course addresses knowledge and professional responsibilities that are important for all health care workers, and supports the National Code of Conduct for health care workers, which is a legal requirement for health practitioners in most Australian states.  You can read more about the training HERE.  If you would like to know more about this training please contact us.

Reiki Australia Inc. Members and Associates - Private Facebook Group

This is a place for us all to connect, share experiences of our Reiki practice, ask for advice or support and much more.  What would you like to share?

Any financial member of Reiki Australia is eligible to join. Simply log into your Facebook account and it will take you to the new Facebook page where you can send a request to join.

Our thanks go to members Mark Ruge and Scott Howlett for initiating this project, setting it up and taking on the roles as ‘Admins’.

Volunteer Members in our community

Reiki Australia is very fortunate to have Volunteer Members dedicated to the Organisation's Mission, Vision and Values.  The energy, commitment and knowledge Member volunteers bring to Reiki Australia is of course unlimited and new perspectives are what support the flourishing and growth of programs for the Members.   Be part of the Reiki Australia story and let your Reiki inspiration flow.  Contact us to find out more and Members can visit the positions vacant page in the Member Portal.

Reiki Australia Cashrewards Program

Cashrewards donate to Reiki Australia's fundraising efforts.  Simply join CASHREWARDS through our unique landing page, not only can you take advantage of all the special offers and Cashback, CASHREWARDS will donate $10 to our fundraising efforts on your behalf and the best part is, it’s FREE to join. Your purchase must be over $25 in value, not including delivery charges or taxes.

Remember it’s free to join and only takes 15 seconds to register.  Join up to benefit Reiki Australia by visiting our unique webpage.

Our Vision

We are Australia's leading ethical, professional, Reiki membership association:

  • We maintain an authentic influence in promoting wellbeing through Reiki as a spiritual practice and healing art;
  • Accepting members from a diversity of practices that originate from the teachings of Mikao Usui;
  • Supporting wellness and self-care;
  • Dedicated to:
    • following Reiki principles in the personal and teaching practice of Reiki;
    • acceptance of Reiki within community and healthcare environments;
    • improved health outcomes for individuals, families and communities;
    • applying education and proficiency in Reiki treatment practice.

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Contact Us

Head Office
Suite 16,
Crescent Place
Integrated Health Centre
136 Mapleton Rd
Nambour Qld 4560

ACN 102 617 452

Phone: 07 5476 3331
National Phone: 1300 66 47 80

Postal Address
PO Box 4658
Sunshine Coast MC Qld 4560

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